London's gathering of contemporary creative startup culture
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Makegood has reaffirmed my faith in the UK as a hotbed of creative startup talent. To be honest, it made me want to start Innocent all over again."
Dan Germain, Head of Brand and Creative at Innocent

A festival of culture, creativity and entrepreneurship

Makegood Festival is an extravaganza boasting a vast, indie pop-up market of over 200 brand new creative businesses. Alongside this, Makegood will play host to a series of punchy talks and debates from an unexpected lineup of the world’s most fascinating creative minds. So why not pop in to our big, beautiful melting pot of culture, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Makegood a Celebration of School for Creative Startups Students

Makegood is a celebration of our students and the culmination of their year of training and hard work. You can learn more about all that makes School for Creative Startups brilliant and even apply to be on the course yourself at